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Achieving Greater Home Efficiency Through Heating and Air Conditioning

Improving your home’s energy efficiency means drawing less from valuable natural resources while lowering your monthly energy bills. Among the many positive changes you can make in your home to reduce energy usage, there are several smart heating and air conditioning strategies you can adopt into your energy-efficient lifestyle as well. Your Charleston heating and air conditioning service has all the information you need to focus on creating an eco-friendly home that is also friendlier for your wallet.

Maintain and Repair Your System

If your heating and air conditioning systems are in good repair, keeping them maintained and scheduling repairs promptly when necessary is the very best way to enjoy great heating and cooling efficiency for many years to come. Heating and cooling systems will lose efficiency for every year they are not maintained, even if no specific repairs are needed. Over time, this increases the cost of operating your furnace and air conditioner, making these systems work harder and shortening their lifespan, while continually increasing the amount of energy your home consumes. These efficiency losses can be halted or slowed by professional attention to keep your heating and air conditioning systems clean and in good repair.

Learn When and How to Use Your System

Your heating and air conditioning systems respond directly to your needs through your thermostat. Thus, learning how to control your system more efficiently on your end will translate directly into less energy consumed—and greater monthly savings. Smart heating and cooling strategies use your HVAC system most while you are home, while reducing the call for heating and air conditioning while you are away. However, avoid making large changes to the temperature set point or even turning your system off altogether when you leave home or during mild nights, as this will actually increase the load on your heating and air conditioning system. Instead, try to keep the environment inside your home as stable as possible, which will allow your HVAC system to operate more efficiently, rather than requiring it to make large changes in temperature or humidity at any given time.

Check Your Furnace Filter

Furnace filters play a significant role in heating and air conditioning efficiency in two major ways. First, your air filter should be clean—a clogged filter that has been left in place too long will restrict airflow through the system, causing it to work harder and increasing energy consumption. Heating and air conditioning professionals recommend changing your filter every one to three months to prevent airflow problems. Second, check the MERV rating on your filter and make sure it is appropriate for your system. While filters with a higher MERV rating will screen out smaller particles, they can also make it harder for your system to draw air through the filter because of its fine porosity. Your heating and air conditioning service can give you a range of MERV ratings that are best for use with your system; avoid purchasing filters with ratings higher than the recommended value to prevent straining your system and lowering its efficiency.

The best way to get the most from your heating and air conditioning system in Charleston is to work with an experienced HVAC service to maintain and repair it. You can learn more about reducing your home’s energy consumption and improving comfort when you browse through our online blog, or visit us on the web to discover how our heating and air conditioning services and products can give your home an eco-friendly boost.

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