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Common Home Heating Repairs in Charleston

Charleston home heating systems are designed to provide warm air when the weather outside is cold, promoting a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. The most common types of home heating systems are combustion and electric furnaces; many homes use boilers and heat pumps for warmth in the winter as well. Even if you’ve never needed home heating repair before, knowing the most common types of repairs can help you prevent future problems, as well as recognize the signs that you may need to call a professional for heating repair in Charleston, SC.

Pilot and Ignition Assembly Repairs

Combustion furnaces are a common home heating solution that burn oil or gas to create heated air. These furnaces use either a pilot system or a hot surface ignition assembly to ignite the burners during operation. Problems with the pilot or ignition assembly can lead to intermittent heating, poor heating performance, or even a complete system breakdown resulting in no heating at all. Because these systems can be particularly susceptible to dirt and wear, they are vulnerable to problems if they are not regularly maintained and cleaned. Your heating repair service can clean your pilot or ignition assembly and replace any parts as needed to restore heating today, as well as recommend maintenance to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Filter Replacement and System Cleaning

Your furnace filter may seem like a small part of your HVAC system, but it plays a vital role in the function of your heating system during the winter. Furnace filters screen out airborne particles to protect your furnace and your home by cleaning the air and reducing wear on the system. A dirty furnace filter, buildup inside the furnace, and clogged air ducts can all result in excess strain on your HVAC system as a whole, which can increase the cost of heating your home and cause the blower motor to wear out prematurely, bringing your home’s comfort system to a halt. If your furnace is struggling to provide the heating you need, replacing the furnace filter is a good step toward improving its function. A heating system that has been using a dirty filter may also need professional cleaning, which removes buildup from the furnace to improve efficiency and reduce strain for long-lasting performance as well.

Are you looking for a home heating repair professional in Charleston, SC? We offer 24/7 HVAC services to help you achieve home comfort regardless of the issue affecting your heater. Our technicians can also provide professional system installation when it’s time for a new furnace, heat pump, or air handler. You can find out more about the benefits of working with us when you visit us on the web, or discover more tips and information to manage home comfort on our blog.

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