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Is Enrolling in a Home Service Plan Actually Advantageous?

Heating and AC repair calls are often prompted by issues that arise in systems that have suffered poor maintenance. This is because even when your HVAC system appears to be functioning normally, it is undergoing daily wear and tear that accumulates over time simply by performing the heating and cooling you want. Unless this wear and tear is addressed, it slowly builds up into issues that rob your system of efficiency and ultimately raise your risk of experiencing a major breakdown that affects your home comfort in many ways. Home service plans offer the peace of mind and the long-term value you can only gain from regular professional care targeted toward your HVAC system’s needs over the years.

You’ll Worry Less About HVAC Problems

Because your heating and cooling system is under the most strain when it’s working hard to offset outdoor temperatures, the mostly likely time to experience a breakdown is during the hottest or coldest parts of the year. However, serious issues during these times can leave your home far too hot or too cold for comfort, causing stress and worry about calling for professional repairs quickly and their associated cost. A home service plan can drastically reduce worry about your HVAC system failing when you need it most. Well-maintained HVAC systems are more likely to handle extreme weather conditions without any issues, simply because they have been tuned for effective performance. A regularly-maintained heating and cooling system will also suffer from fewer crippling breakdowns because small forming issues have been eliminated before they had the chance to grow into show-stopping problems. Furthermore, your home service plan enrollment offers preferred pricing and faster service when you do call for emergency or everyday repairs, allowing you to breathe easier if a breakdown or other issue does occur by reducing stress and cost associated with these situations as well.

You’ll Pay Less in Utilities

Space conditioning still takes up a significant portion of the average home’s energy consumption. Today, heating and air conditioning may account for as much as 48% of your home energy bills, depending on your comfort preferences and the weather outside. Because heating and cooling take up such a large portion of your utility usage, every little bit of added efficiency when it comes to maintaining a comfortable home can reduce your monthly costs, keeping money in your pocket. In the vast majority of cases, home HVAC systems use more energy than expected or required simply because they are in poor condition. The longer your HVAC system goes between maintenance visits, the less efficient it becomes due to poor airflow, dirt and dust buildup, loss of lubrication, and wear and tear on internal components. By ensuring your heating and cooling systems are cleaned, lubricated and checked twice a year by an HVAC professional, you’ll enjoy long-term HVAC efficiency and lower bills without any additional effort on your part.

Are you ready to get your HVAC system on track for an efficient and long-lived service record? Our heating and AC company serving Charleston, SC, is pleased to offer comprehensive home service plans that include everything your home comfort system needs to perform at peak capacity throughout its lifetime. From regularly-scheduled tune-ups to preferred pricing on heating and AC services, including 24-hour air conditioning and heating service calls, you’ll love the benefits of our home service plans. You can find out more on the web, where you can also stay up to date with the latest home comfort technology and tips via our blog.

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