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Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner?

Central air conditioning in Charleston, SC keeps your home cool and comfortable, even when the summertime temperatures around your home soar. However, when your AC fails to meet your needs or experiences a severe breakdown, it’s important to consider the benefits of replacing an older or malfunctioning appliance with newer, more efficient technology. Your HVAC service can help you determine when repairs are sufficient to restore your home’s cooling system, and when you might benefit instead from new central AC installation in Charleston, SC.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Home heating and cooling are major contributors to your home’s overall energy consumption. In some cases, as much as 40% of your home’s energy costs are associated with running your HVAC system. The greater the age of your air conditioner, the more you could be paying in cooling costs relative to the amount you would be paying each month to cool your home with a newer system. This is because over time, air conditioning systems lose efficiency naturally due to wear and tear; while regular maintenance can help to mitigate this loss, it cannot completely prevent the loss of efficiency over time. Additionally, newer innovations in central AC systems widen the gap between your current air conditioner’s efficiency and the efficiency of newer appliances. Thus, the longer your current AC has been installed, the larger the difference between its efficiency and the baseline efficiency attainable by a more modern appliance. Choosing new central AC installation is an effective way to make a significant change in the cost of home cooling, not only this summer, but for many summers to come.

Put an End to Unreliable Cooling

During the summer, your central air conditioner is your best line of defense against an uncomfortable indoor environment. If your air conditioner is unreliable or simply doesn’t produce the results you want, your family will suffer the consequences in terms of poor general comfort and even lower indoor air quality, which can even affect your health. Central air conditioners nay be unreliable or inefficient for several reasons, including age, capacity, and maintenance history. If your air conditioner is not currently suited to your home’s cooling needs, it will never perform at its best, regardless of how well you maintain it. Alternatively, if your air conditioner has suffered from poor maintenance in the past, it will be more likely to break down and cause problems in the future. Your HVAC service can perform a quick evaluation to determine whether new central AC installation is the best solution to your home comfort concerns. If your AC isn’t properly matched to your home’s size and needs or suffers frequent breakdowns even after professional repairs, new system installation can put an end to these concerns by providing your home with a cooling system that is perfectly suited to your needs and has a clear maintenance record.

Are you wondering whether you should opt for new central AC installation in Charleston, SC, this summer? Please visit us online to find out more about our home comfort services or to schedule a complete home cooling evaluation for the answers you need to make the best HVAC decisions for your family. You can also check out our blog archive to learn more about choosing and maintaining the best HVAC appliances for your home.

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