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Maintaining Healthy Home Drains in Charleston

Drains play a vital role in the overall function of your home’s plumbing system. Without clear drains, your sinks, tubs, toilets, and appliances are likely to experience backups that can cause property damage and put your family at risk from untreated wastewater. Your plumber is always available to help you when you need professional drain cleaning in Charleston, SC; additionally, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent clogs from forming inside your drains for healthier home plumbing.

Treat Your Drains Carefully

Although drains may seem capable of handling nearly anything, they are actually quite vulnerable to clogs and other problems under many circumstances. The most common causes of drain problems include overuse and treating drains, toilets, and garbage disposals like all-purpose trash receptacles. Never flush chemicals, paints, or cleaners down your drains—not only can these liquids damage your plumbing, they may also cause environmental damage to local water sources as well. Additionally, make it a habit to throw trash and food debris into the garbage, rather than flushing it down your sinks or toilets. Although your drains may seem large enough to handle many types of trash, debris can easily and quickly build up into a clog that blocks normal water flow and captures any debris or items flushed down the same drain in the future. Checking your garbage disposal’s manual and making sure to only flush foods down the disposal that it is designed to handle can go a long way toward eliminating clogs in the kitchen. Keeping your toilet lids closed and providing a trash can in each bathroom will reduce the temptation to flush small pieces of garbage down the toilet for convenience.

Call Your Plumber When Necessary

While there are several tricks you can try to keep your home’s drains clear, it’s also important to know when you need the help of a professional. If regular maintenance and plunging doesn’t solve your home’s drainage problems, or if you’re experiencing a severe backup that’s causing flooding or raw sewage to enter your home, it’s time to call your plumber for drain cleaning help. Turning to a professional is the best way to resolve clogs without inadvertently causing damage to your plumbing or putting yourself at risk. Your plumber has a variety of drain cleaning tools and solutions on hand to quickly determine the cause of your clog and permanently eliminate it for improved long-term plumbing performance.

Are your home’s drains having problems that include slow drainage or backups? Taking positive steps to eliminate existing clogs and prevent future problems from developing will keep your home’s plumbing functioning flawlessly for decades to come. If you have questions about drain cleaning in Charleston, SC, please visit our website to check out the full list of services and solutions we offer, including drain cleaning, sewer line repair, and water heater replacement. You can also find more helpful home plumbing information and tips on when it’s time to call your plumber by clicking through the additional articles hosted on our blog.

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