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Preventive Maintenance for Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Your rely on your home’s HVAC system for continual comfort all year long. Regardless of the temperature outside, you expect your furnace and air conditioner to deliver the heated or cooled air you need. Preventive maintenance is an important step in ensuring your HVAC system continues to function efficiently and without trouble. While there are some preventive maintenance tasks you can perform at home, some services should always be provided by your Charleston heating and cooling professional, so don’t forget to schedule biannual tune-ups for the best results.

Heating Preventive Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is best performed in the fall, when the weather is mild and you don’t yet need your home’s heating system. Making sure your furnace is in good repair will ensure it will provide safe and efficient heating when it’s needed. Keeping your furnace in good condition starts with keeping the area around the appliance clean and clear. Because furnaces are often located in areas used for home storage, make sure the space around your furnace is clear for at least three feet in all directions to prevent boxes or furnishings from falling against it and damaging the appliance. Check and change your furnace filter every one to three months, depending on your HVAC usage and indoor air quality needs. You should also check the flue pipe running away from your furnace, which carries combustion products safely away from your home. If the pipe appears damaged or corroded, contact an HVAC service technician for repairs before using your furnace again.

Cooling Preventive Maintenance

Checking over your air conditioner in the early spring can help you prepare for the summer cooling season ahead. Central air conditioners have two components: one inside your home, and one located outdoors. Start with the outdoor condenser—clear away debris and sweep away dirt from the base of the appliance. You can use your garden hose to rinse down the unit and remove any debris lodged in the fins. If the fins on the outside of the condenser are bent, you can purchase a special fin comb to straighten them for better airflow. Keep any foliage and landscaping trimmed back from around the condenser for three feet in all directions, and check the integrity of the coolant lines and insulation covering them. Inside your home, check your air conditioner’s drain line to ensure it is clear and won’t cause leaks once you start using the A/C. You should also check and change your furnace filter regularly during the cooling season, as both your central air conditioner and you furnace use the same air handling unit and filter to move air through your home.

One of the best ways to ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems stay in great shape is to purchase a preventive maintenance plan from your HVAC provider in Charleson, SC. Not only will regular maintenance ensure that you enjoy problem-free heating and cooling, you’ll also pay lower energy bills all year long. You can find out more about the benefits of preventive maintenance on our blog, or visit us on the web to select your ideal heating and cooling maintenance plan.

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