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Signs You Need Professional Air Conditioning Service

Excerpt: In most cases, cooling problems should be handled by a professional. Take a look through this article to learn a few of the most common signs that you need to call a professional air conditioning service for help.

While your air conditioner is designed to last for years, it does need a little help to keep your home cool throughout its functional lifetime. In addition to scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance service, it’s also important to call for expert help any time you experience a problem with your home’s cooling system. Keep reading to learn more about how to spot the signs that you need professional air conditioning service in Charleston.

Strange Noises

Although modern air conditioners are designed to function quietly, no air conditioning system is completely silent. However, there is a difference between your air conditioner’s normal level of noise and the excessive or strange sounds associated with a problem. Some of the most common noises that mean your air conditioner needs service include banging, screeching, grinding, and squealing during cooling operation. These noises typically indicate loose, worn, or broken parts inside the air conditioner. A professional can perform repairs quickly and easily, but neglecting to address these issues could lead to more extensive damage inside the appliance or even a complete cooling breakdown.

Frequent Operation

Your air conditioner activates when your thermostat senses that the temperature inside your home is warmer than your desired set point. Depending on the size of your home and the temperature outside, your air conditioner may activate more or less often to provide the cooling you need. However, if your air conditioner seems to be turning on and off frequently with little or no result, it could indicate that your system is having more trouble cooling your home than it should. Frequent operation can be caused by a variety of factors that affect air conditioning efficiency, from a dirty air filter to ice on the evaporator coil or blocked condenser fins. It’s best to call for professional air conditioning service sooner rather than later, as frequent operation puts excess strain on your cooling system and will raise the cost of your home’s utility bills without lowering the temperature as desired inside.

Insufficient Cooling

Even if you can’t pinpoint an exact problem, any time you notice a change in the way your air conditioner cools your home, it’s best to call a professional for an evaluation. If you feel warm air coming from your vents or your home has noticeable cold and warm spots, it’s a sure sign that your air conditioner’s operation is suffering and professional service is needed. Additionally, it’s best to keep an eye on your cooling bills—because even normal cooling can cause your bills to increase during the summer, comparing your bill each month with the bill from the same month in years past can give you an idea of the average cost to cool your home. While small increases in cost aren’t cause for concern, a sudden drastic increase in your energy bills, especially if the weather has been steady, should prompt you to place an air conditioning service call.

When you need air conditioning service in Charleston, our team of experts is here to provide everything from regular maintenance to repairs and complete replacement of your cooling system. You can browse through our full range of home comfort services on the web, or click through our blog to find more information about air conditioning service and repairs.

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