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Signs Your Drains Need Professional Attention

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing complaints. Although clogs may seem like a minor issue, they can grow in severity quickly, causing bigger plumbing problems that can affect your everyday convenience and even lead to water damage if steps are not taken to clear them. Knowing the signs that your Charleston plumbing needs professional attention can help you avoid the major disruptions that come with clogs that have gone unaddressed for too long.

Recurring Clogs

Despite the fact that clogs are common plumbing issues, you should not find yourself dealing with them all the time. If you feel that you are constantly clearing your home’s drains to get better performance, it’s a sign that your methods aren’t fully successful in addressing the root problem. Stubborn buildup further down the line could be preventing you from ever completely clearing your drain, leading to the rapid buildup of clogging material immediately after your efforts to clear the pipe. Recurring clogs could also be a sign of mineral buildup inside your plumbing pipes, which affects the quality of your water and shortens the lifetime of your plumbing system. If your home’s drains clog consistently, bring this issue to the attention of your professional plumber so he can evaluate the condition of your pipes and plumbing vents to eliminate the underlying problem.

Multiple Simultaneous Clogs

If it appears that multiple drains in your home are clogged simultaneously, the issue may actually be a clog in your sewer line. All the drains in your home feed into a single sewer line; clogs in this line will thus affect all the drains in your home, causing them to exhibit similar symptoms at the same time. Clogs in your sewer line should always be handled by a professional plumber, as they can be difficult to remove and must be eliminated carefully to prevent the backup of untreated and unhealthy wastewater into your home.

Complete Backups

When water backs up from a clogged drain and into your home, it’s a sure sign that professional plumbing attention is needed. Backups mean that your drain system is completely clogged and no water can flow through the drainpipes at all—the types of clogs that cause a complete backup are typically not removable via plunging or other home drain cleaning methods. Furthermore, you should never use harsh drain cleaning chemicals on a backed up drain, as the chemicals could overflow and splash onto your skin or in your face, causing serious injury. Your professional plumber has the right tools and solutions to clear a completely backed up drain quickly and safely, without risking further water damage or affecting the integrity of your plumbing pipes.

While small clogs can often be cleared on your own, professional attention is needed if simple methods yield no results. If your plumbing in Charleston, SC, is displaying the signs that you need a professional plumber, don’t wait—visit our website to reach us online and schedule a visit for drain cleaning or sewer line clearing services. Our monthly blog contains more information to help you keep tabs on your plumbing and its needs.

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