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Symptoms of a Struggling Furnace

If your furnace stops working completely, it’s an obvious sign that you need heater repair in Charleston. However, there are many other, sometimes more subtle, signs that your heating system may be struggling to provide the home comfort you want during the cool winter months. Recognizing the signs that your heating system is experiencing strain can help you take quick action to restore HVAC efficiency and home comfort by scheduling professional heating repair.

Strange or Loud Noises

While you may be accustomed to hearing some noise when your furnace activates, a change in noise level or the type of sounds you hear could indicate that trouble is brewing. Often, sounds such as banging or rumbling indicate that the furnace’s burners are dirty and require professional cleaning. Dirty burners will affect furnace efficiency, costing you more to heat your home and resulting in uneven or poor overall heating. Squealing, whining, and scraping typically indicate that the blower motor or other mechanical components of your heating system are wearing down—you’ll need a professional to replace them promptly to avoid a bigger problem in the future.

Cool Air from Registers

When your furnace produces cool air or air that is not as warm as you expect, it is a sure sign that your heating system is struggling to achieve the home comfort you want. In most cases, air that is too cool results from dirty or worn parts inside the furnace, which hinder its ability to produce adequate heat. Allowing this situation to persist will continue to strain your heating system, which raises its risk for a complete breakdown.

A Dirty or Dusty Home

Your furnace filter helps to clean the air your furnace pulls in for heating prior to distribution throughout your home, while ducts transport heated air to each room. A dirty filter or duct system often results in dirty or dusty air inside your home, which can cause excessive dust to settle on surfaces and belongings and even increase the incidence of allergies and asthma-related issues. When your furnace is dirty, it will work much harder to heat air and distribute it, leading to premature wear and greater strain. A heating professional can easily clean your furnace and assess your ducts to determine if further steps are needed to reduce the stress on your heating system.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills without a corresponding change in use are a common signal of a struggling furnace. Even if your furnace appears to produce heat as you expect, an increase in your monthly utility costs indicates that your furnace is working harder than in the past to heat your home. Not only will calling in a heating expert to assess your system help to reduce that strain so your furnace will no longer struggle, it will also lower your utility costs for long-term savings.

The best way to prevent a heating breakdown is to check regularly for the signs that your heating system may be struggling. Working with your heater repair service in Charleston to address issues as soon as you notice them will improve home energy efficiency, reduce the risk of future heating problems, and help your furnace reach or even exceed its full expected lifetime. Please take a look at our website to find out more about our comprehensive cooling and heating repair services in Charleston, or explore our other blog articles to learn more about how you can achieve problem-free heating and cooling throughout the year.

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